The “One Call” Solution

Complete Project Management

Panhandle has been dedicated to providing the highest quality service at a competitive price for over 30 years. Our vision is to partner with our customers to achieve their operational goals as well as provide a safe and efficient work environment. We provide a one call solution approach to three separate service segments.

Results Based Experience

The goal of the “One Call” solution is to provide our customers with the ability to make one phone call to one dedicated project manager, in order to manage all delegated operations and ensure efficient operations leading to desired results. Once the project is finished to our customers desired specifications, we send one invoice to keep our customers operation running smoothly, enabling more time to spend focusing on the next upcoming project.

What can the “One Call” solution do for you? See below.


  • Pad Preparation
  • Tank Battery Construction
  • Containment Installation
  • Electrical Installation
  • Automation Installation


  • Pumping Unit Sales & Service
  • Engine/Motor Sales & Service
  • Rod Sales & Service
  • Pumping Unit Delivery & Installation
  • Automation & Electrical Installation
  • Repair & Maintenance Programs

Inspection & Storage

  • Tubular Inspection & Storage Program
  • Tubular Data System (TDS)

Streamline Operational Processes

  • Third-Party Contract Management
  • Complete Project Scheduling
  • Daily Progress Reports
One Project = One Invoice

The “One Call” Solution means our customers will be provided one dedicated project manager overseeing one experienced team to ensure desired operational results. This also means our customers will receive one invoice for the completed project allowing more time to focus on what’s ahead.