Automation & Electrical

Experience Leads to Better Solutions

We all know that when times are challenging, experience really does count. Anyone can provide off-the-shelf tools, but it is experience that integrates the latest technologies into a truly cost-effective solution. Since 1996, Eagle Automation’s engineers and technicians have used their depth of experience to solve our customers’ process control and oilfield automation needs. Eagle’s dedication to service quality and integrity has won it many long running business relationships.

Local Ties

Key to building those long lasting relationships is Eagle’s ability to “be there” when our customers need us. As the Eagle business has grown, we have opened new locations to stay close to our customers. Customers appreciate the peace of mind that comes with Eagle’s local teams ready to roll out at a moment’s notice. Together with Panhandle, Eagle is able to provide the following services in the Eagle Ford, Permian, Eaglebine, and Mid-Continent basins:

SCADA/Process Control Systems

  • Radio Communications
  • Cellular Communications
  • Satellite Communications

System Integration

  • Wonderware
  • GE Cimplicity
  • Lookout
  • Clear SCADA

PLC Control Systems

  • Sales, Service, and Programming
  • Allen Bradley
  • PLC Direct
  • Control Microsystems - Scadapack


  • Installation, Configuration, and Service
  • Fisher ROC
  • ABB Total Flow
  • Thermo Fisher - Autopilot/Automote
  • Control Microsystems - Scadapack


  • Controls, Setup, and Service

Barton Chart Recorders

  • Installation, Configuration, and Service

Remote Alarm Monitoring

  • Radio, Cellular, and Satellite Communications

Cygnet and other HMI

  • Support & Configuration

Control Panel

  • Design and Fabrication

Wireless Communications

Measurement Services

Electrical Installation & Maintenance

Measurement Services

Eagle Automation’s trained Measurement Technicians provide upstream and midstream customers with an array of measurement equipment services including:

  • installation and commissioning
  • testing and calibration
  • troubleshooting and maintenance

We also perform spot sampling, witnessing, and reporting services.

Eagle Alert Remote Monitoring

Eagle offers a variety of remote monitoring solutions including:

  • Eagle Alert Remote Monitors: a battery or solar operated standalone alarm monitor which can be configured to work with cell or satellite communications. Calls out when alarm conditions occurs via text, e-mail, or phone. Class 1 Division 2 approved. Most callout settings configurable from the internet. 1-way communication by scheduled callout or report by exception.
  • Eagle Alert 1 Series: a satellite-based remote monitor allowing 2-way communication by scheduled callout, report by exception, and on demand reads and activating/deactivating ancillary equipment. Often used for cathodic protection including rectifiers, test points, and critical bonds. Rectifier Interface optional to allow the signal from the rectifier to be a readable alarm signal.
Electrical Services

From installing and upgrading electrical boxes and panels to running lines from the grid to your production facility, Eagle’s team of licensed Electricians is ready to help with your electrical design and service.