Trucking & Transportation

Experience That Yields Results

Panhandle’s 30+ years’ experience in meeting our customers’ needs in regards to trucking and construction has enabled our customers to excel in their operations. Our extensive fleet paired with our multiple locations around the United States allows our team to quickly respond to our customers’ needs and understand each individual project to deliver measurable results.

Strategic Placement

Understanding the needs of our customers as well as our their operating areas gives our customers a strategic operating advantage. Efficient and timely delivery of our customers’ tubular, casing, rods, and operating products to location is a key strategy in our strategic placement of our operating locations.


  • Crane Service
  • Winch Truck Service
  • Forklift Service

Fluid Logistics

  • Vacuum Truck Service
  • Water Hauling
  • Hydrovac Service


  • Over-the-road logistics
  • Hot Shot Service
  • Pipe Logistics

Tubular Storage

  • Tubular inspection & storage program
Crane & Winch Truck Service

Panhandle’s resources allows our team to meet our customers lifting needs with fully NCOO certified crane operators and riggers. Our crane/lift operations are not limited to the oilfield industry. Our team is able to meet our customers’ needs in construction, industrial, and transportation industries as well as the oil and gas industry.

Crane Capabilities:

  • Pumping units (all sizes)
  • Cement pads
  • Compressors
  • Heavy equipment of any kind
Vacuum Truck Service

Panhandle has a modern fleet of vacuum trucks to meet our customers water hauling and fluid disposal needs. Our trucking manager coordinates all jobs, ensuring a single point of accountability and reducing the administrative burden for our customers.


OTR Logistics

Our extensive fleet of OTR (over-the-road) semi-trucks and flatbed trailers paired with our multiple locations around the United States enable our customers to accomplish the desired results and service that is required for each project. Our locations are strategically placed to service the oil and gas industry as well as construction, industrial, and transportation industries.

Hot Shot Service

Our extensive transportation fleet and strategically placed locations around the United States allows our team of professionals to meet our customers project needs. Timely delivery of tools and equipment is an important part of our business.